• Image of BLACK FRIDAY - Momtog Special: Holiday Pictures

Come join us at the Nadia Hurtt Photography studio for a great class on how to take better images of your loved ones during the holidays.

We will go over basic concepts of photography, your camera and 3 different scenarios most parents ask us about, to include the ever so popular "kids in front of the tree" image.

A decorated tree will be provided on location for you to practice as well as some light holiday refreshments and snacks!

The Little Details:

- I will open the class to both camera owners and "phone-tographers" BUT please know that there are limitations to what phones and entry grade cameras can do. Some things explained may not apply to the device you will be using. NHP is NOT responsible for the quality of image/capabilities produced by the devices used.

- In order to get the most out of the class for everyone involved, I ask that children not be brought to the class.

- There is a minimum requirement of 5 participants per class. If there are not enough participants for a certain date, you will be contacted to reschedule.

- The class will take place at our new studio location at 2121 Boundary St, Suite 202.